BlackOak Management
BlackOak Managment

Professional Management of Apartment Properties » License Number: 01893049

Special Situations

We are skilled in many areas related to apartment property management. We would be pleased to discuss how we can help you. Our skills include:

  • Property sales
  • Dealing with issues of financial distress
  • Improved property curb appeal and branding
  • Upgrades and renovations of physical plant
  • Service extensions such as WIFI solutions or laundry to attract and retain tenants

In addition, we maintain a large rolodex of contacts that you may find valuable. We are, of course, willing to share these with you. These include commercial lenders, commercial real estate brokers, tax preparers , tax attorneys, general real estate attorneys, real estate litigators, property tax abatement consultants, website designers, structural engineers, civil engineers, general contractors, pest inspectors, and others.