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California License Number: 01893049

Our Approach

BlackOak Management performs property management and asset management services for third-parties. Please contact us if you would like us to prepare a proposal for how we can manage your property. You can contact one of our professionals listed on the Contact Us tab.

The mission of our property management business is to provide owners with a comprehensive and cost effective total solution. We offer a suite of services that will improve the branding and income of your property, and simultaneously reduce your management burden. In our experience, effective management does not hinge on any one specific function, but rather it is the result of effective integration of all aspects of management. Our attention to detail is what ultimately translates into cash flow. The cornerstones of our property management solution include:

Increase prospect traffic. We design and implement a marketing and advertising program that will increase inbound call, email and foot traffic to your community.

Onsite management. We hire, train and supervise our on-site managers. Our objective is to convert inbound prospect traffic to actual tenants, while not overspending on onsite management or sacrificing underwriting criteria. Our on-site managers are trained to mitigate tenant turnover.

Rent optimization. We operate in your market and are acutely aware of rental and vacancy trends. We optimize asking and effective rents to maximize rents while simultaneously minimizing vacancy and turnover.

Offsite management. Through our central office, we manage the accounting and payables function of your rental property. We coordinate with your tax professionals to assist in the preparation of year-end tax returns and filings.

Tenant communications and forms management. We have devoted resources to create standardized rental agreements, rental forms, procedures and rental manuals. These resources minimize unit vacancy and standardize your tenant communications. Our standardized communications policy and document retention also reduces your legal exposure and compliance cost from disgruntled tenants.

Maintenance program and vendor management. Our personnel manage the maintenance and repairs of your properties in order to minimize costs and expenses. We have established relationships with multiple vendors in your market and continually invest in improving that network. We typically achieve better pricing through greater economies of scale.

Special situations. We are experienced in turnarounds of troubled properties, including solving acute vacancy problems, curb appeal issues, physical plant upgrades and other situations involving underperforming properties.