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Marketing and Advertising

In our experience, the number one challenge facing most apartment communities is inadequate marketing and advertising. We develop and implement an integrated marketing and advertising program that increases inbound phone, online and foot traffic to the property, and converts this traffic to actual tenants. This program is comprised of the following elements tailored to your situation:

Produce compelling advertising copy. We work with you to design advertising copy that highlights the specific attributes of your apartment community and why it should be considered by prospective tenants. Use of wide angle photography and apartment floor plans frequently improves effectiveness.

Use tools to propagate advertisements. We draw from Craigslist, and other online marketing channels to effectively distribute your advertising.

Real-time response. Our onsite managers are trained to field and respond to inbound inquiries in real time as much as possible. In our experience, the biggest mistake onsite managers can make is to not field or respond to inbound calls in real time.

Rapid follow up. Similar to real-time response, it is essential that on-site managers quickly show available units and process rental applications to improve prospect conversion to tenants.

Improve signage. Depending on the size and location, your property may or may not benefit from upgraded signage. At your direction, we can develop signage for your property that steers drive-by traffic to your property.